Stephanie Chipman

HR Professional & Job Search Strategist

Helping job seekers improve the degree and speed of their success.

Hi, I’m Stephanie! I’m here to offer practical and timely coaching to ensure your job search is successful.

My Story

I’ve lived and worked in Toronto my whole life. Except my 3rd year of university when I participated in a student exchange program with a school in Austrailia. After graduating from Ryerson University, I immediately started my HR career.

I’ve worked in a variety of sectors as well as with large and small organizations. My HR experience is broad and deep, specifically when it comes to recruitment. This knowledge and understanding of hiring practices is why women come to me to get answers.

I look forward to working with you!

My Values & Beliefs

Nothing works if you don’t do the work

Be prepared. Create a plan. When job searching, hope is not a strategy. To be successful you must be proactive and take action repeatedly.

Strengthen your mindset and attitude

Having a positive attitude and growth mindset will help you overcome the challenges you’ll face during your job search.

Focus on what’s within your control

Best use of your energy is to focus on what’s within your control and don’t worry about what you can’t control.

The best time to take action is now! Let’s get started.

Stephanie Chipman

HR professional with 20+ years of experience. Let me help you attract the attention of hiring managers and manage the job search process to improve your success.